Acro Yoga – in harmony & control

By October 7, 2012Germany
Acro Yoga

A few months ago a friend took me to a yoga session. I was never interested in yoga, preferred to do “real” sports: ¬†sweating, running and pushing my body to its limits. But ever since I had my first yoga session, these exercises brought me back to myself. Whatever my day was like, whatever bothered me on the way to my yoga class, it all looked far more distant and easier after the session. A time-out, where I do not focus on anything else, but my breath and my body. Yoga to me is a very intense way to exercise my mind and my body in a very different way than any other sport could do.

That is how I happened to love yoga… Last week I went to a full day Acro Yoga & Thaimassage workshop. I did not know what it was really about, but the word “therapeutic flying” caught my curiosity. We were around 20 people who had never done Acro Yoga. Sure it did not look like the couple in the video. But you could feel the deep relaxation in your spine as a flying person as well as the control and strength as base person. Looking at these videos I am amazed by the gentleness, trust, body control and balance of the couple. In harmony with their own bodies first and with the partner second.

Yoga is like a little journey, every time once again…

Acro Yoga is like the next step to a full body and partner balance.

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