Angkor Wat: Between myth and reality

By October 13, 2013Cambodia

Angkor in Cambodia is one of the most stunning areas I traveled. Angkor means “city” in the Khmer language and is famous for its numerous wats (engl. temples) which were built in this area. The most famous temple – Angkor Wat – is a mayor symbol in Cambodia, pictured in the national flag and various bills.

Besides the size of the area, the tiny designs on each temple are breathtaking. Even today it is hard to imagine how all the carvings ,which are still there, were made. Yet, to picture what the temples looked like years ago, before most of the temples were destroyed, is absolutely beyond imagination.

Since Angkor is built in the jungle area, nature is about to fight back its territory. Large fig trees seem to embrace the temples and bring them back to a mystic place –  pictures which have become famous around the globe. This scenery which seems between myth and reality has inspired the producer of Tomb Rider to produce parts of the movie there. Tomb Rider and Angelina Jolie made this place even more famous and the people of the area are proud to talk about these days.

For years different, projects continuously restore the temples and also make sure that nobody pretends to be Lara Croft, climbing the temples.

If you ever plan to see this area – take your time. It’s huge and exhausting as it  can be really really hot. I’d suggest to spend at least three full days here – preferably more.


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