Bagan: A travel dream caming true

By December 9, 2012Myanmar

Ever since I saw a picture from Bagan, I knew I wanted to cycle between the pagodas one day and watch sunrises and sunsets from the top of the pagodas. Finally I got my visa and travelled Myanmar for the past three weeks (which is why last Sunday there was not a chance to write a SUNDAY BLOG, as I could not get online for a couple of days).

Although there are loads of tourists, you can still find some sandy lonely tracks where you will be enjoying the surrounding by yourself. If anyone of you considers going there, I can highly recommend to get up the Nanmyint Tower to have a Ballooning alike view with hardly any tourists (Yet you pay only 5 USD instead of 300 USD for the Ballooning).

I can hardly put in words, what Bagan is like. So please enjoy the pictures which might take you there a bit.

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