Café des Delices: Sensing Tunisia and its tragedy

By July 26, 2015Tunisia

The most popular café of Tunisia, Café des Delices, is situated in a picturesque village outside of Tunis at the coast. The beauty of the place is not only about the cafe itself, but the entire setting and feeling of the area. We were sitting there, overlooking the ocean with the smell of a Jasmin flower in our nose, which someone had given to us and the taste of warm mint tea with pine nuts in our mouth. Relaxing. Grounding. Free.

The village is called Sidi Bou Said and is famous for its beautiful white houses with blue front doors and windows decorated with colorful flowers. It feels as though you were walking through a painting.

There is one famous song about this cafe, expressing the beauty and melancholy of this place. Whenever I listen to it, it pulls me back into the feeling of sitting in this cafe, with a breeze of fresh air in my hair and the warming sun on my skin.

After the attacks a couple of weeks ago, I was hesitating to write this post as there is a new sadness to this song whenever I listen to it. I decided however, that we have to remember what happened, that the people who tragically died on the beach in Sousse were not unmindful, when they decided to spend their vacation in Tunisia.

We all have to realize, that the world has changed and that brutal and crazy attacks can hit us anywhere in the world. Sure, we have to be cautious, but we may never become afraid of discovering new places to truly understand the people of a country.

Let’s rather become aware that every new day is a gift to be thankful for and make the most out of.

Enjoy listening to the song by clicking the below video.


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