never forget to play

Never forget to play

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I just found this picture, which my lovely friend Conny took on a trip in Tanzania. After a couple of weeks on vacation, I usually get back the energy and the playfulness of a child. This picture reminds me of the fact, that we should never stop playing around and instead enjoy doing things that don’t really matter. Just for the fun of it.

In my everyday life I have to  create these playful moments, since sometimes I forget to step out of my fully scheduled days. Looking at this picture, I get back the energy and freedom I felt, jumping of that piece of wood.


Dhow, Zanzibar

Zanzibar – honeymooners, resort-tourists, travelers and backpackers welcome

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There are so many different ways to get to Zanzibar, as there are different types of tourists. You can book a direct flight from Frankfurt and get directly to your resort with a pick up. Honeymooner or  “resort” tourist, might not see anything but the turquoise water and their beautiful resort. They might be bathing in their bikini in the ocean, without realizing, that not a single local person would ever go swimming in a bikini or a speedo.

Others might be traveling Tanzania and go to Zanzibar by boat. Which is what we did a couple of years ago. We spend some time in the capital, Stone Town, where we got to know some locals.

Around Stone Town you will find areas, which have barely nothing in common with the paradise in the northern or costal areas. You will still see a lot of poverty on the island and undoubtedly realize that it is a Muslim island. The most beautiful and special place to me, where the lonely beaches in the southeast area. It seems as if time does not exist there. I was just sitting at the beach in the shade under the palm trees watching the locals carrying things along the beach on their heads or riding their bikes along the shore.

Low-budget backpackers or adventurers often get to the island with a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel of the Indian Ocean. It sounds quite romantic to sail over the ocean for seven hours on the way to Zanzibar. Yet, if the Dhow leaks (which happens quite often) or storm hits you in the middle of the ocean, it is rather a crazy adventure. Most Backpackers meet in the north of the island, where you will find great and affordable restaurants along the beach as well a diving schools.

Zanzibar offers all these different experiences which are all impressing and well worth experiencing.

Elephant family, Tanzania

Elephant family

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Isn’t it the family that we are most connected to? An everlasting connection, which will hardly ever be cut through?

That’s what I thought when I saw this elephant family strolling their way through the Tanzanian dry steppe. They walked their way silently, protecting the young kids in their midst.

Although it looks like a traditional mother father two kids family, it is not. Elephant bulls walk away from the cows after birth. Therefore it is not mum and dad in this elephant family but a leader cow with the mother cow of the two baby elephants. That is why I liked the scene even more. It does not have to be a traditional, picture perfect family. It can be the family that you built yourself as well, any patchwork relatives and friends community. People, who are family to you.

In any case, whatever and whoever is family to you, allows you to be weak at times makes you strong, very happy and thankful in other days.

Thank you, family.

Market, Austria

Escaping the everyday life on a saturday market….

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I have always loved to go to any market along my travels. I am curious about what ever I might find there. It is rather an adventure though as I am always worried about my belongings… On top of that, there are usually not many tourist, so people would always shout after me and considered me as their best bargain.

Back home though, there is nothing better than a saturday morning market. Seldom enough I make it there – but when I do so, it is pure joy and pleasure. It is about focussing on the essential basics – those things I miss and question in my job I guess ;-).

Strolling along these markets, surrounded by people who appreciate quality within their basic needs, calms me down. These saturday mornings feel like a meditation or vacation. A very different place to my everyday rushed life. A luxury just a few steps out of my front door.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

My favorite colors of northern Tanzania

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Initially I started the trip to northern Tanzania with three friends to see the “Big Five” on a safari-trip across three different national parks. We were overwhelmed seeing these big animals in the wild as probably all tourists are.

In the end, my favorite pictures of these days though, were these colorful tree pictures. I love the idea, that each of it is portraying the same object – barren acacias (I am not sure about the first though…). Depending on daytime, sunlight and the scenery itself , the acacias display such different atmospheres.

The Ngorongoro crater’s scenery seemed nearly scary with its dark clouds, demonstrating nature’s powers. Very warm and cosy instead did I feel in the Serengeti National Park, with the sun spreading its most beautiful golden light. In the Tarangire National Park we felt Africa’s pure heat in the midst of the day.

– Thunder clouds at Ngorongoro Crater – Golden sunlight at Serengeti National Park – Midday heat at Tarangire National Park –