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Learning about life on the balcony

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At times life can be truly challenging – personally and professionally. Although most of the issues are usually not life threating, they can be very upsetting. Apart from talking to close friends and family, traveling in particular has always helped me to take a “balcony moment” – to look at my life and everyday challenges from a distance. Not only has discovering other cultures helped me to appreciate the luxurious life I live back home, but it has also taught me very different ways of how to go about it.

Journeys for Change team @Jaipur RugA couple of years ago I went on a trip called “Journey for Change” to India to meet Social Entrepreneurs with ten people from around the world interested in social impact. I was overwhelmed and energized by the eagerness to learn, discover and reflect of this group of socially engaged people. The learning experience was incredible and getting to know people from various countries with a common interest was a huge inspiration. After this trip I decided to dedicate one week every year for a “learning-journey” with people from around the world to take an intense “balcony moment” diving into a topic I am interested in.

Transformation Made Easy in Costa RicaMy next trip was a one-week immersion course to transformation in Costa Rica to discover new ways of how to live a happier life saying “yes” to the challenges that show up. It was hosted by the American couple, Arial & Shya Kane, who have built a large and inspiring international community of people who are interested in discovering new ways of how to approach life’s challenges in a practical, light and happy way. I got to know the Kanes through a friend from Hong Kong, who had been visiting me in Hamburg to attend their weekend seminars in Hamburg.

Yesterday I returned from my most recent trip, which was professionally oriented. I applied for the W50 Program, a scholarship of the Banco Santander and the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) for 50 women from around the globe. For one week we were provided with a tight schedule of excellent classes on strategy, leadership, corporate governance and personal development. Also this group of smart, ambitious and open-minded women from around the world has provided me with new perspectives, knowledge and solutions to professional and personal challenges.

UCLA W50W50 Scholarship UCLA








I want to encourage you to find your journey on a topic you are interested in to learn, share, reflect and purely enjoy life with an international group. These intense one-week experiences have helped me to grow personally, look at life differently, learn new things and meet incredible inspiring, knowledgeable and fun people.

I do not expect life to become less challenging, but I have discovered more efficient perspectives and ways to look at it. On top of that, with every journey I became more aware of myself – my needs, strength, fears and culture.

So go online and find YOUR one-week journey. And don’t forget to share it … I am still looking for ideas for my next “balcony moment”.

Yoga at the pool, Tunisia

Inspiring Workout: Yoga classes around the world

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Yoga at the pool, Tunisia


Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive: This is the only Yoga studio I attended classes at in Yoga Mekka Ubud. I was told it was the best in town and all I can say is, that I had the best classes ever in this place. I was sweating like I had hardly ever sweat before and felt amazing afterwards. It is an open classroom facing the jungle with showers in the basement. The level of the classes are pretty high and many people get their yoga teacher license here. They offer a wide range of class passes form single class to week pass to privat classes.

Before or after make sure you drop by the famous Bali Buda Cafe, where I had the best cinnamon role of my life. It is a tranquil place to hang out, eat great food and meet tourists, long time travelers and dropouts.


Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga: This studio really has an unbeatable yoga schedule. Never ever had I to decide between two tempting classes at the same time! This luxurious studios offers everything from amazing teachers, to great facilities and even assistants, who help lesser experienced people to find their pose. Not only did I enjoy my own Ashtanga workout, but my heart jumped up and down, when I glanced over to some far more experienced people getting gently in crazy poses. Such a treat. You do not have to bring anything but your yoga clothes. Matt, Towls, Shampoo… everything is provided.

Rooftop Yoga NYC
Pure Yoga New York


Yoga Tree Hays Valley: I went to a couple of classes in this place, which were all great. It is a small and simple studio without showers. I tried my first hot Yoga class in this place. Yoga Tree has several studios across town.

Yoga to the People: All classes are donation based (10 USD is recommended) and therefore the courses are pretty crowded, which I did not mind. Big class room, no showers. Also great experience with any class I attended. They also have studios in New York and Berkeley.

Holis Spa


Holis Spa: A small place on the Manuel Antonio hill area with ventilators only, giving a great and absolutely bearable sweat in the costa rica heat. They offer a wide range of classes from Ariel to Ashtanga and Belly Dance, some classes are donation based. Before or after the class make sure you stop around the corner at Emilio’s Cafe. A dream place with the best coffee in the area.