How David Garrett reanimated my violin play

How David Garrett reanimated my violin

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I started to play violin at the age of seven … but it was never real fun to me. It was special to me, since the many hours of practicing within my teenage years created an everlasting relationship. Even if I did not practice everyday or even stopped playing, which I did at the age of 18.

When I became maid of honor of my friend at the age of 30… I decided to surprise her with a violin play in the church. I am thankful, that with David Garrett’s popularity and various crossover interpretation of violin play, I could open up again for my violin. I am amazed by the eager, focus and preciseness with which David Garrett plays his violin. His story of how he found his personal relationship and passion for an unconventional violin play which especially adds credit to the wonderful classic compositions.

That’s why I thank to David Garrett I am playing my violin with more passion than I ever did when I was young.

Grapes, Vienna

Wine: A passion of it’s own

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Wine is not just what we get bottled, sealed, marketed and sold. This is rather the result of an entire year.

The information of what happened during a whole wine year is stored in a bottle of wine and can be kept and preserved over many years.

And when you open it you get all the information of this very year. The information about the weather (was it sunny or rainy?), the region (cooler or hotter?), the ground (did the vine grew on fat or rather meager ground?) and how well did the winemaker in the vineyard and the cellar. And the result is a very complex mixture of alcohol, sugar, acidity, minerality and of course flavors and aromas.

Basically it is a simple product. We all know the grapes that can be bought in any supermarket. But the result is unbelievable broad with regards to these tastes, flavors, aromas and odors. Have you ever tried a wine that tastes like grapes? I haven’t.

Based on the taster’s olfactory senses (and of course depending on the wine) the description ranges from vanilla, lemons, grapes ¬†over tobacco to such aromas as leather or horse sweat.

Try it out! Ideally with somebody who can help you by telling how to find the words and express the things that you taste and smell. It will be exiting

Market, Austria

Escaping the everyday life on a saturday market….

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I have always loved to go to any market along my travels. I am curious about what ever I might find there. It is rather an adventure though as I am always worried about my belongings… On top of that, there are usually not many tourist, so people would always shout after me and considered me as their best bargain.

Back home though, there is nothing better than a saturday morning market. Seldom enough I make it there – but when I do so, it is pure joy and pleasure. It is about focussing on the essential basics – those things I miss and question in my job I guess ;-).

Strolling along these markets, surrounded by people who appreciate quality within their basic needs, calms me down. These saturday mornings feel like a meditation or vacation. A very different place to my everyday rushed life. A luxury just a few steps out of my front door.