Biking Mallorca

Biking Majorca: Short trip to free your mind

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This post is especially dedicated to all my European sporty readers. I am not very much into race biking, but I love to ride a light and fast bike once in a while. This year I decided to do a 4 day short trip to my beloved Island Majorca, Spain to go cycling with my dad.

People who race bike, have probably been to the island. This is especially to all of you, who like biking, but have not done race biking before – because… you don’t need a race bike. You can simply book a hotel in the North East of the island and either rent your bike through the so well known Huerzeler company or any other bike shop.

Usually people go to the island in summer time, when it is indeed beautiful as well. But in spring time, between late march and beginning of may, biking this island is a pure treat. Foremost, the island is blossoming in the most diverse and amazing colors. Biking through this picturesque and tranquille landscape is like big spa. It kicked so much energy in my body and felt like a meditation at the same time. I returned after four days as though I had been away for weeks.

I really recommend going! Give it a try during a prolonged weekend next year and led me know about your trip! To me it was really romantic even with  dad :-). Meanwhile I am trying to convince my mum to join my dad on his next trip to Majorca on an e-bike. I know she will love it, but she is still held back by the idea of cycling the island for several days…

New York

New York: How to push the “Pause-Button”

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Frank Sinatra made New York famous for the fact, that it never sleeps. Well, I was not too sure about that, but it felt as if it was impossible to sleep during day time. I had seen busy cities all over the world, but somehow it felt as if I had never experienced such a noisy and busy place. Even in India, where people honk their horns every other second, the noise felt different.

The rush of everyone around me, infected my own speed and somehow taking pictures, did not fit in this environment – simply because I had to stop, which usually annoyed people around me.

New York in black and white without a single sound does not at all reflect, what the city is like. Though looking at the pictures, it feels as if I had managed to push the “pause button”.