Coober Pedy: Underground Outback village

By May 26, 2013Australia

Coober Pedy is a fascinating place. This tiny village of just around 1700 inhabitants is the world’s largest opal resource. It is located along the famous Stuart Highway of 2700 km length, connecting north and south of the country.

To me, driving through the Outback with a non-air-conditioned Mazda bus was a great adventure. Some people say, there is nothing to see in the Outback… but I just loved it’s colors, slightly changing landscapes and the endless 360 view. It’s a perfect opportunity to calm down mentally, since your eyes and ears get the rare chance to really relax.

Coober Pedi derives from the Aboriginal word “kupa piti”, meaning white “man’s whole”. Due to the heat, people live an work in underground residences, which are called “dugouts”.  You will even find a the  below-ground  church in this very special town.

Hopefully, the area was and will be able keep it’s charm – which I got to know when I was there 10 years ago – despite the tourists coming along.


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