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By June 5, 2016Germany

Bike Tour 2

I love biking, but I don’t know any nice tours out of town. Checking it out on a map of the internet does not really work, as you never know, what the roads look like.

This is probably what the founders of bike map figured. They launched an amazing community based app for bike tours around the world – with 2,8 million tours. You can choose the length of the tour and your kind of bike to find the perfect tour for you in your city. This way someone with a city-bike will be proposed a different tour form a race-biker or mountain-biker.

The tours are created and by shared in the community and the ratings help to find the most popular ones easily.

It’s been an amazing race bike ride on calm great paved roads to beautiful places I never went to before. I cycled along the greenest field with beautiful houses and a lot of outer city fresh air!

So download the app, find your perfect tour and get your bike ready for the next weekend tour!

Enjoy the ride!

Bike Tour Hamburg

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