Hamburg: Discovering winter’s beauty

By October 28, 2012Germany

Elbe River with ice

Looking at the sky I see the birds leaving the country for a warmer place to stay during winter time. Yesterday the first snowflakes fell from the sky. I felt a bit sad realizing, that the warmer days of the year are over. But isn’t it the beauty of change? Isn’t it a luxury that we can love spring, summer, autumn and winter? Doesn’t each seasons bring something special to our lives?

Winter to me is the time of the year when I – travel 😉 to prolong summer… but also it is the time of the year when I have the tranquility to relax on the coach or in my bed for hours without feeling the urge to do something outside. The time when I start to lighten candles to make it cozy, read books and listen to music more often.

It feels like a holiday at home for the soul. The time of the year when I am most connected to myself as I cannot run away as easily as I do any other time of the year. Winter is the time when my lungs breath the freshest air.  Also, the time of the year  when I am continuously freezing – but there is nothing better then a stop at a cafe to warm up. Winter is also the time of the year when the streets are full of romantic christmas decoration and when the family comes together for christmas.

I took this picture a couple of years ago when I just got my new camera. It shows one of my favorite places – the harbor of Hamburg. To me it is one of the most beautiful and powerful places. It reminds me of the beauty of home and the beauty of winter.

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