Don’t miss the best opera houses around the world

By February 1, 2015Argentina, Australia, USA

Throughout all my travels, I never got a ticket for an opera abroad. I either felt I did not have the money (Sydney Opera House), there wasn’t a play during my stay (La Scala, Milan), the affordable tickets were sold out (Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires) or I simply forgot about it (Lincoln Center, New York).  For the future, I decided, that this is going to change – next time I will do my very best to get a ticket once I am near one of the best opera houses of the world.

Sydney Opera House

Every opera house has unique challenges, when it comes to acoustics. Even cultural customs have an influence on the acoustics, like in Italy, where architects have to the effect into account that people bring their jackets into the room instead of giving it to the wardrobe.

Lincoln Center, New York

If you are not fancy for operas, I would still advise you to take a guided tour. Opera houses are an architectural masterpiece. I was amazed by the effort it took, to provide “perfect acoustics”. There are numerous components when it comes to perfect sound: The shape of the room, the material the wall, ceiling and floor are built of and even the cloth of the seats. In order to provide the same acoustic during rehearsals like during the actual performance, the material and shape of the seats have to absorb the same amount of sound, as if a person was sitting on it.

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

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