Elephant family

By September 2, 2012Tanzania

Isn’t it the family that we are most connected to? An everlasting connection, which will hardly ever be cut through?

That’s what I thought when I saw this elephant family strolling their way through the Tanzanian dry steppe. They walked their way silently, protecting the young kids in their midst.

Although it looks like a traditional mother father two kids family, it is not. Elephant bulls walk away from the cows after birth. Therefore it is not mum and dad in this elephant family but a leader cow with the mother cow of the two baby elephants. That is why I liked the scene even more. It does not have to be a traditional, picture perfect family. It can be the family that you built yourself as well, any patchwork relatives and friends community. People, who are family to you.

In any case, whatever and whoever is family to you, allows you to be weak at times makes you strong, very happy and thankful in other days.

Thank you, family.

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