Escape the City – joining a network of people who desire to do something meaningful

By March 3, 2013United Kingdom

Most of us desire to do a meaningful job. Something we feel is worth spending most of our everyday hours with. This job could be anywhere and anything, cause it is different to each of us.

Corporate jobs give us mostly a virtual security and a meaningful position. Yet, at the end of the day, the question is, what kind of job is really fulfilling. For some it is a corporate job, but for many it is not.

Some people might want to travel the world and write a blog about it. Others want to found their own company like Sarah Hillary who quit her job in banking to start her own delicious bakery (see video below).

Escape the city is a british internet startup, sharing stories of people quitting their old jobs to start doing what they are really up for. Since it has been an inspiring community to me, I thought you might also be interested in following them on Facebook.

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