Escaping the everyday life on a saturday market….

I have always loved to go to any market along my travels. I am curious about what ever I might find there. It is rather an adventure though as I am always worried about my belongings… On top of that, there are usually not many tourist, so people would always shout after me and considered me as their best bargain.

Back home though, there is nothing better than a saturday morning market. Seldom enough I make it there – but when I do so, it is pure joy and pleasure. It is about focussing on the essential basics – those things I miss and question in my job I guess ;-).

Strolling along these markets, surrounded by people who appreciate quality within their basic needs, calms me down. These saturday mornings feel like a meditation or vacation. A very different place to my everyday rushed life. A luxury just a few steps out of my front door.


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