Copenhagen: Exploring its light and wind

By November 11, 2012Denmark

A wonderful weekend I’ve spent abroad, proved again the luxury of being on a business trip on Fridays or Mondays right… even Thursdays or Tuesdays might be fine, if you may find a reason to expand your stay over a long weekend.

I finally found my  very personal reason to stay a bit longer. In this case it was Copenhagen in October. After two exhausting “blindfolded” business days, the city opened up to me. I had no idea of how beautiful Denmark’s capital might be. The natural mixture of historic houses and modern buildings, people rather riding their bikes than driving a car  as well as a good combination of haute cuisine and sweet tiny down to earth restaurants fueled my curiosity.

It was an outdoor weekend, refreshed by the wind constantly blowing fresh air into my face and inspired by the beautiful changes of the light throughout the day. Maybe the pictures can give you an idea of what the light looked like: However to experience the energy, sparked by the wind, you have to go there on your own. It is well worth it, I can tell!


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