Family Retreat in Majorca, Spain

By May 3, 2014Spain

Before I went to Majorca for the first time, I absolutely did not want to go. I expected it to be terribly touristic and “German-invaded”. Luckily, reality sometimes does not meet expectation for the good.

Living in Majorca for 3 months for an internship years ago proved me entirely wrong. It is such a stunningly beautiful island: Antique houses built of sandstone, tiny villages, fields of orange and lemon trees, picturesque mountains and turquoise beaches. Yes, there are extremely touristic areas and you can avoid those easily.

Wanting to share this experience with my family, I looked for a romantic Majorcan cottage house in the mountains (spanish: finca) to stay for a couple of days. I discovered this romantic, quiet eco-resort-like Majorcan finca in Fornalutx. If you are not desperate for a swim, one of the most beautiful areas on the Island. It’s a privately owned house, rented out through aribnb by an amazing host, Frederic. So if you are ever looking for a family escape, I highly recommend to check this out:

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