Hamburg Marathon 2013: Run For Boston

By April 21, 2013Germany

After the brutal and horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, people around the globe are still shocked about the cruelty of the two young guys.

Marathons are such a pure and challenging event. Thousands of participants running this race for many different reasons: Few since they want to win the race or get a qualification for another race, some since they want to run this one Marathon of their life and most people since they just enjoy running. The list is very individual and very long. Yet, they all have one thing in common: They are all running this race against themselves.

Marathons are one of the few events, where professionals and amateurs are running the same race. However, it makes a big difference for the physical strain, if you run 2:05:30 hours as the winner Kipchoge from Kenia, setting a new record for the Hamburg race, or five hours.

Half a million people along the race supported all the runners by clapping their hands for hours, cheering up the athletes. It has been such a peaceful event and a beautiful sunny day. Just like the Boston race before the disaster. Every runner of the Hamburg Marathon got a yellow bracelet saying RUN FOR BOSTON MARATHON 2013. Before the race a minute’s silence was held remembering the victims of the attack.

People are getting connected more closely than ever before through the internet and the ease of traveling. Only if we keep on meeting other cultures and religions, we will be able to understand each other and to then start a peaceful future together. To all the people of the Boston Marathon, we are sending you our energy, hope and our thoughts to somehow continue your lives and your believe in the goodness.

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