How David Garrett reanimated my violin

By February 10, 2013Austria

I started to play violin at the age of seven … but it was never real fun to me. It was special to me, since the many hours of practicing within my teenage years created an everlasting relationship. Even if I did not practice everyday or even stopped playing, which I did at the age of 18.

When I became maid of honor of my friend at the age of 30… I decided to surprise her with a violin play in the church. I am thankful, that with David Garrett’s popularity and various crossover interpretation of violin play, I could open up again for my violin. I am amazed by the eager, focus and preciseness with which David Garrett plays his violin. His story of how he found his personal relationship and passion for an unconventional violin play which especially adds credit to the wonderful classic compositions.

That’s why I thank to David Garrett I am playing my violin with more passion than I ever did when I was young.

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