Inhaling the beauty of late summer nature

By September 27, 2015Germany

We all know life is not about the big things. It is about the everyday beauty and the precious things at reach, which come at hardly any costs. But often I find myself forgetting about it, getting stuck in “to-do-lists” instead of taking a break to treat myself with some purity and nature.

Finally, this weekend I put on some walking shoes, got in the car with some friends and did a short 2h walk in an area 3o minutes outside Hamburg. It did not take any effort, just a quick research on the web to find a destination and a proper map. I believe, there are many of those places outside most of the big cities. But somehow, we seldom go for a half day vacation.

So get out there! Inhale the green, admire the beauty of late summer weekends! Get your feet dirty, admire the deep blue sky and enjoy the tranquility outside the big cities. Be surprised and inspired of the precious nature just a few footsteps aways. Although I only walked for a couple of hours, it felt as though I was traveling France, Sweden, Tanzania and Ireland all together.

For anyone living in Hamburg, we drove to the “Boberger Dünen”, parking at Boberger Furt. From there you can basically go anywhere you want. We kind of stuck to this route.

Happy weekend everyone!


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