Juist: Rejuvenating & grounding short trip

By June 28, 2015Germany

Spending time at the coast or islands of Northern Germany, I always feel extremely grounded and taken care of.

It is for the freedom of the endless beaches and dunes, which I could look at for hours, while the wind is blowing through it as if it was the little prince’s hair. It is for wind, which embraces me and lets me truly feel the nature around me. It also is for me being reminded of my childhood, when I spend a weekend every summer with my dad’s family at the northern coasts.

For the first time since I was born, I spent an extended weekend on the island Juist, which is amongst the most tranquil German islands, as there are no cars on the Island. Instead, once you arrive at the island with the ferry, you will be picked up by a horse-drawn carriage. Or … guess what… you walk.

I felt entirely set back to old times or as if I was walking through a movie set for an ancient movie production. When my parents picked me up from the station, their 5-days-stay seemed to have rejuvenated them by 10 years.

There is really not much to do on the island but walk, relax at home or spend some time at the beach. A true gift to anyone with a busy everyday life!

Getting to remote places always takes some efforts… however it ensures, that there won’t be too many others. The island’s webpage provides a good overview of the area. There is one or two ferries and tiny planes every day leaving from Norddeich Mole. There are many apartment houses on the island, which are recommendable. We stayed at Uns zu Hus and loved it.
If you look for a nice and charming place to eat, I recommend you try the Restaurant and Tea House Loogster Stuv.

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