Kings Canyon: Insider tip for people heading towards Ayers Rock

By September 14, 2014Australia

Traveling Australia as a student, I had a lot of time to spend in the country. To get a real outback experience, we decided to drive through the outback instead of just flying to Ayers Rock and back to the coast. It was an amazing experience – especially since we did not have air-condition in our van!

For sure, our main thing on the “To-See-List” was Ayers Rock. However, reading about the region we found out about Kings Canyon, a highly recommended area 4 hours drive from Ayers Rock. I had difficulties enjoying Ayers Rock, since Uluru – as the Aborigines call it – is a holy place to them, which they would not touch and for sure – never climb. Yet, since tourists are a great bargain, they offer tours to hike on Uluru, which is absolutely against their culture.

After Ayers Rock we spoilt ourselves at Kings Canyon Resort (ok resort, but view and pool making up for everything) and found out about some hiking tours around the canyon. At these time, I hated hiking, especially in the heat. Yet, what we experienced was breathtaking. I have never before seen such a tremendous canyon, with breathtaking formations of colored stones. If you ever make it to the Outback, make sure you see Kings Canyon and go for the three hours hiking tour on top of the canyon. If you look closely at the left hand side of the picture, you can see some tiny people standing at the edge of the canyon, which is part of the hiking route!

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