La Boca: Should I go or should I not?

By March 29, 2015Argentina

La Boca is one of 49 districts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It truly is a very touristic place and it is a fake scenery built for tourists in a rather poor district, with people dancing tango in restaurants with somewhat poor food.

That’s what I knew before so, I was wandering – should I go or should I not…

If you are a soccer fan you should go for sure, as you can go visit the famous Boca Juniou’s soccer stadium “La Bombera” (engl. “The box of chocolates”), built in the midst of the houses. Impressive in deed. With the Argentinian passion for soccer, I would deeply recommend to get a ticket for a match and I am sure this is unforgettable!

If you are not a soccer fan, you should be into photography, cause the colorful houses built from metal of old boats look really beautiful and you will be able to get some fun shots. Best to go for a hop-on hop-off ride with City Tour Buenos Aires. And be prepared it is touristic at all means.

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