La Recoleta: Most famous meeting most beautiful angels

By January 18, 2015Argentina

It always feels weird to me to have a cemetery on the “To-See-List” when traveling. When entering the site, I usually feel as if I was simply a curious, spectacle-seeking-stupid tourist, unworthy to visit such an intimate place, which I am entirely unrelated to.

Yet, once I stepped in Recoleta Cemetry in Buenos Aires, the noise of the busy city suddenly stopped and all there was, was silence, beautifully designed tombs and human like vangels along the way. The cemetery feels like a little village of a fictional place of old souls. Walking through the aisles of tombs, I totally lost my sense of timing.

The cemetry is located in the most noble area of Buenos Aires and is a place for the wealthiest and most popular people of Argentina. The most famous and mos visited tomb is Eva Peron’s (better known as Evita), decorated with flowers and little notes from people from all over the world.

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