Lago de Atitlàn – a 9/11 story

By June 23, 2013Guatemala

Lago de Atitlàn is a lake in Guatemala which I visited with a friend of mine on a six weeks trip. Somehow we felt quite insecure in that region, since we had heard some cruel stories, which had happened recently.

One day we were sitting on the shore of the lake when a priest came along and started telling us crazy things about airplanes flying into skyscrapers… We thought he was pretty wired. After a while we went to an internet cafe and saw people starring at the TV screens – very slowly we realized, what had happened. It was 9/11.

All of a sudden we started to realize that any place can be dangerous. Yet, all we can do, is follow our instincts and leave as soon as we have an awkward feeling in our stomach.

Ever since this day, times have changed. We grew up knowing, that things like that can happen any time. We can no longer count on “safe” places. There are people full of hate, desperation and cruelty planing
and undertake such horrifying massacres.

Everybody has his personal 9/11 story and I bet 90% know, where they spend this day.

I believe, that this cruelty has formed a connection between many many people from hundreds of different cultures who do their very best for a peaceful and respectful living and being of humans on this planet.

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