Let’s laugh more often, more intense and for less reasons in 2014!

By December 29, 2013Myanmar

Laughing women in MyanmarI met this lady in Bagan, Myanmar, where she wanted to sell some clothes to me and a friend of mine. While we were having fun bargaining, I captured her beautiful and whole heartedly laughter during the talk. When I think of Myanmar, I think – despite of its beautiful landscape and pagodas – mainly of its people. Although it is a very poor country, Burmese are very joyful and would  start most situations with a smile. They enjoy their newly gained freedom and are really loving and living life with a big curiosity for new things and education.

Thinking about 2014 New Year’s resolutions, I felt above all the “being a better person”, “quit bad habits” and “pushing yourself to new limits” I should simply consider to laugh more often, more intense and to worry less.

I wish all of you a wonderful start into 2014 hoping, you use more situation to have a great laughter and to have your friends around you to share these moments. Also – for the not-at-all-fun-times – I hope you surround yourself with people who cheer you up again, giving you back the ability to see the good and fun things in life.

I want to thank everyone supporting me during this year and especially those of you somewhere out there in this big world, keeping up my motivation to write this blog.

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