Luxury Escape: Design Villa Dar el Bhar – a lifetime time out

By June 21, 2015Tunisia

I am still overwhelmed that I had the opportunity to experience this place through friends of mine. It still feels unreal and I returned back to work more relaxed than ever before although I was only away for 10 days. During my entire stay, I could not believe I am truly experiencing Villa Dar El Bhar. A place full of beauty and tranquillity. The house is situated in a famous tourist area 60 km south east of the capital Tunis, called Hammamet. It is not for no reason, that this place is designed with perfection as the owner is a Spanish designer.

The villa is built at the seaside in the ancient city within the famous medina (market). So just a step out of the house you will be in the midst of Tunisian life with lots of offers for local crafts and food. There are countless areas in the villa to relax and simply enjoy yourself. The view towards the endless horizon will open your soul. Whether you are lying on the upper terrace in the shade or in the sun, in the living room with the huge windows opening up to the turquoise ocean – you feel the breeze and ease of pureness. The privileged and panoramic view to the bay, dome, fort and the lighthouse make it hard to leave the house.

The tiny beautiful pool is the best refreshment. You will hear the waves of the ocean below you and feel the sun tanning your skin. It will wash away any stress of the past. Bring some great music and install your own chill out place.

Not only is this an extraordinary place, it is also exceptional people managing it. The villa comes with a full service staff, who will take care of all your meals as well as the cleaning. Whatever you might need – it will be taken care of in the most charming and considerate manner. Whatever we wanted to eat, we would buy in the market and lovely Ines and Anis would create a delicious Tunisian meal out of it.

The house has three bedrooms with twin beds. Two are of normal size for those who love each other 🙂 and there is one in the first floor, which you have probably never seen in your life. A huge bed and a marble jacuzzi in the middle of the open bath area. Out of this world!

I guess you can imagine, what sunsets and night time feel like. The stars will be sparkling above you, the breeze a bit stronger, the charmingly installed indirects lights of the villa turning it into a dream place to finish the day. It will make you wish to never wake up from this dream.

For sure, it is a luxury to stay here and it comes at a luxurious price. However, since I had the luck to stay here and got in contact with the management of the place, I made sure I am able to share this experience with my SUNDAYBLOG readers. If you are interested in staying at this place feel free to contact the management with a reference of SUNDAYBLOG as I negotiated a special price for all travel addicts exploring Tunisia.

Management: Sami Azaiez
Villa Dar el Bhar on facebook


  • Zak Zakaria says:

    How do I get in touch with the owners of this place.

    • stephadmin says:

      Hi Zak,

      the house is managed through Sami Azaiez.
      Best thing to do is to send him a message via Facebook and tell him, you read about the Villa on Sundayblog.

      Led me know if everything worked out!

      It is an amazing place and Samy is a great manager to coordinate anything needed for your stay.

      Best wishes,

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