Monte Carlo Casino: A royal story

By September 8, 2013France

The history of the world famous Casinos of Monte Carlo goes back to 1854, when Monaco’s government had to come up with a plan to fill up the little state’s treasury. Nine years later, prince Charles III. had managed to find the right people and location to build a casino. This is  why the area around the casino was named after him – Quartier de Monte Carlo.

Two James Bond movies took place in the casino of Monte Carlo (“Never Say Never again” and “Golden Eye”) as well as the Alfred Hitchcock movie “To Catch a Thief” with Grace Kelly as an actress. This movie shows a “faithful” scene, with Grace Kelly pacing her car dangerously along the costal road – a scene which would be repeated years later in true life, when Grace Kelly died in a car accident on one of these costal streets.

Before the disastrous news had been public, the people of Monte Carlo could feel that something dreadful had happened, since for the first time ever the lights of the casino were turned off.

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