My favorite colors of northern Tanzania

By June 17, 2012Tanzania

Initially I started the trip to northern Tanzania with three friends to see the “Big Five” on a safari-trip across three different national parks. We were overwhelmed seeing these big animals in the wild as probably all tourists are.

In the end, my favorite pictures of these days though, were these colorful tree pictures. I love the idea, that each of it is portraying the same object – barren acacias (I am not sure about the first though…). Depending on daytime, sunlight and the scenery itself , the acacias display such different atmospheres.

The Ngorongoro crater’s scenery seemed nearly scary with its dark clouds, demonstrating nature’s powers. Very warm and cosy instead did I feel in the Serengeti National Park, with the sun spreading its most beautiful golden light. In the Tarangire National Park we felt Africa’s pure heat in the midst of the day.

– Thunder clouds at Ngorongoro Crater – Golden sunlight at Serengeti National Park – Midday heat at Tarangire National Park –

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