Nature’s little wonders

By May 6, 2012Borneo

This little creature belongs to the family of the mantises. Generally, mantises protect themselves by camouflage and concealment. The one you can see on the picture looks like a dry leaf. If it had been sitting on a bush, I would not have been able to see it. But it sat next to me on a bench after a jungle track – I guess it wanted to say “hi, look at me”.

This little insect reminded me how amazing our world is and how many fascinating and surprising wonders we can discover every day.


  • Most of the time, mantises use camouflage, but here in Utah we have a variety that seem s to say . . . “Whatever.” All summer long I catch them crossing the road or getting sun on my truck. Anyway: very nice pic.

    • so funny… I have never even been to the states… It is probably like the frangipani flower. I go crazy every time I see them but to any Asian person they are probably bad weeds as they grow everywhere 😉

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