New York: How to push the “Pause-Button”

By November 23, 2014Uncategorized, USA

Frank Sinatra made New York famous for the fact, that it never sleeps. Well, I was not too sure about that, but it felt as if it was impossible to sleep during day time. I had seen busy cities all over the world, but somehow it felt as if I had never experienced such a noisy and busy place. Even in India, where people honk their horns every other second, the noise felt different.

The rush of everyone around me, infected my own speed and somehow taking pictures, did not fit in this environment – simply because I had to stop, which usually annoyed people around me.

New York in black and white without a single sound does not at all reflect, what the city is like. Though looking at the pictures, it feels as if I had managed to push the “pause button”.

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