Journeys for Change: Professional life changers in India…

By March 2, 2014India

Traveling remote areas has always been a hobby to me and business was on a different page. Many times during my travels, I felt the urge to support people I met in remote villages without access to the very basic needs like clothes, electricity or health services.

I have always admired people who had the courage to start a business from scratch, even more, if the intention was to create social impact. This is why I chose to go to India with an organization called Journeys for Change, which connects business professionals from all over the world with social entrepreneurs in India.

This blog is followed or read by people from over 100 countries, who are mostly interested in traveling and different cultures. I have the feeling many of the readers are also interested in taking some part in making this world a better place.

I will share the insights I got meeting these great entrepreneurs and learning about their business models over the next couple of Sundays to share the amazing inspiration I was privilege to receive.

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