Puerto Escondido – a tremendous wave at a beautiful beach

By March 17, 2013Mexico
Puerto Escondido - a hidden paradise

When I traveled Mexico with a friend of mine in 2001, it was only t

hanks to our Mexican friends, who recommended Puerto Escondido to us, that we got to see this beautiful place at the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca.

Traveling Mexico was my first trip outside Europe. Back in 2001 traveling was a lot different, compared to traveling nowadays. We did not have cellphones and hardly got any internet access. We would keep our flight tickets in safes or under our pillow and paid with traveller checks (which I never did ever after).

Puerto Escondido was a backpacker paradise. I remember hanging around with many young people, sleeping at the beach and cooking in the hostel’s kitchen with people from all over the world. We loved the white sand and the incredibly turquoise ocean.

The area had been discovered by surfers, since the “Mex Pipe” is amongst the largest waves in the world. In autumn the waves can reach 10 meters (about 11 yards) hight. So I guess it absolutely is a spectacular thing to see, when surfers are competing in these waves.

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