Refugees in Europe: Doing good & spreading humanity!

By August 16, 2015Germany


We all are aware of the cruelty around the globe which makes people leave their most beloved behind to ensure a living for themselves and their families.

I have seen documentaries and read news, yet I still did not do anything apart from being compassionate with those who dared to leave their countries at the risk of their lives. And I again became aware of my own luxurious life with a place to stay, a job I like, lovely friends and family … not to forget – social security and freedom.

A couple of days ago I decided to actually do something good and donate clothes and things I felt I could give away. I have traveled many countries and met people all over the globe, who cared about me although they did not know me at all. I was given presents by those who had literally nothing and experienced hospitality wherever I went. Thinking about this, I felt ashamed, I had not packed anything earlier. I guess I felt too busy doing other things.

For sure, there is not only good in this world, but also cruelty, greediness, inhumanity, corruption and many more, which I have also experienced, with people taking advantage of me being a tourist with a backpack full of desirable things including a German passport.

But I am sure, those are not the people who left their homes to find a safe place to live.

So this is a post to inspire all of you to free some time in your calendars for one of the upcoming weekends to do something good for those in need. For the refugees in Europe or for those in need anywhere else in the world, despite the fact, that our calendar is packed with “important” things.

When I went to the refugee camp in Hamburg at the Hamburg Trade Center, I was touched by the kindness of the people who dedicated their time to support the refugees, by organizing donations and coordinating the center. While Hall B6 is set up for the refugees to stay, Hall B5 is solely for people to bring clothes, bags, suitcases etc. to be then sorted by gender, type and size. Find further information here.

So if you live in Hamburg get through your closet to find things you have not been wearing in the last two years. Clothes, blankets, bags, suitcases but also hygiene products, pencils, books to learn German or toys and games for the kids. Sort them by type and gender in different bags and simply write on the bags whatever you have in there. You can also donate some extra time in the center to directly sort whatever you brought to the piles of things there.

Directions: Walk to Hamburg Trade Center Hall B6 (Glacischaussee opposite the prison). At the little booth you will 24/7 find people to welcome you and guide you in.

When I arrived there, I could see and hear kids and teens playing football through the covered fence – I wished I had also brought some of the Tennis balls lying around back home. Next time.

It is so easy and comforting to do good. Especially, when you have the chance to bring your donation directly to the place where people are in need. Pack some bags or do something else to spread humanity, wherever you are!

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