Secret Escape: Remote down to earth on Kerkennah Island

By June 14, 2015Tunisia

Looking for a down to earth escape for a couple of days? I’ve found something for you!
Villa Dar El Sidu Bou Said on Kerkennah Island, Tunisia. The Island is a local vacation retreat for Tunisians with 100.000 local tourists at 20.00o inhabitants. During the 1 hour drive with the ferry you will most probably be the only tourist. Arriving on the island, you might doubt if it really will be a retreat, as the island looks pretty dry and people throw their garbage everywhere.

However, once you arrive at the villa you will see, that I was not overpromising. It is really about this place. It is a beautiful and typical Arabian house constructed in a way, that you will feel the breeze in the courtyard, which will basically become the “outdoor chill living room”. There are four rooms out of which three have king size beds and one has two single beds. There are two bathrooms, a large pool, a separate kitchen as well as an upper level with two terraces and an indoor living room with a fireplace.

The house is facing the sea, with a beautiful view to the fishermen’s boats. The Bardo attacks in March 2015 have hurt the Tunisian tourist industry badly. On this Island you will not see a fake profile of the country, but the poverty and the truth of the challenges people are facing here.

As people are trying to get tourism back, you will be taken care of in the best way. While we were staying at the place, we were in constant contact with the management of the place, who showed us the best spots on the island. The place comes with a chef, who will cook two three course meals a day from local food.

As French is second language in the country, you will be able to have great discussions and conversations to learn about the culture. But no worries, everyone speaks decent English as well and you will be able to communicate easily.

So if you are looking forward to this privileged and grounded retreat, check out the villa’s Facebook website to find out more. For all my SUNDAYBLOG readers, I negotiated a special price to spread this experience amongst everyone curious to discover unknown places. Simply contact the management and led them know, you found about them on SUNDAYBLOG.

For further questions, please reach out to the Management via a private message on Facebook:

Management: Sami Azaiez

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