Snow-art: Check out one of these igloo hotels!

By March 15, 2015Switzerland

There are many different options for fun overnight stays during a skiing trip. However, I bet you have never seen something like this before! are igloo villages in Switzerland (Zermatt, Gstaad, Engelberg, Davos-Klosters) and Germany (Zugspitze) built from snow with beautiful snow carvings and ice sculptures. It’s purely fascinating how the team – within three weeks – has built rather a hotel than an igloo out of snow.

Even if you do not plan to stay overnight, have a look at one of these places and get yourself a drink or a fun cheese fondue dinner. It is a special and very uncommon thing to see!

This artful place has 9 bedrooms of different sizes and a fun bar and restaurant area. For those who are afraid of the cold nights, you can even book a hot igloo or jump in the hot jacuzzi. Last but not least.. believe it or not you can even have the whitest wedding ever, in the snow church.

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