Spoil yourself: Most beautiful resorts at huge discounts

By February 28, 2016Travel Tips

Jungle Fish Resort Bali

There are unbelievably beautiful places across the world, built with love, design expertise and dedication to its surrounding nature. Most of them are just not in my travel budget. But a great lunch or dinner is affordable and usually an unforgettable experience.

At the beginning I felt wired entering the places – but that is for no reason as I discovered. There are places, which are exclusive to the people staying, but most places are not. The staff is usually excited to welcome other guests, who are treating the place with respect and at best – start a nice conversation. Many times, the places were rather empty and quiet and the people working there, loved to engage in a conversation and learn about whatever I had to tell. Also, it gave me an opportunity to speak to locals and engage with them.

I love spoiling myself at these places with an incredible breakfast like I had at the Jungle Fish Bali Resort outside Ubud with the most amazing granola and fresh juices or an unforgettable exclusive dinner I had at Makanda Resort in Manual Antonio in Costa Rica, where I was even invited to hang out during the next day.

If you do not have to pay “entrance fee” to use the facilities and pool area, I would recommend to make sure, you use the opportunity to leave a great tip for the staff.

Enjoy spoiling yourself even more during your next trip on this lovely planet.

Foto: www.junglefishbali.com

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