Inle Lake: Stunning, artistic fishing

By March 24, 2013Myanmar

The Intha people, living at Inle Lake in Myanmar, developed a unique rowing technique, which is absolutely stunning. Since the local people are harvesting fruits and vegetables in floating gardens on the lake, the fishermen would not be able to see beyond these fields if they were sitting at the edge of the boat, rowing. This is why they stand at the very edge of the longboats on one leg, paddling with the other leg, wrapped around the paddle. They lock the back-end of the paddle under their armpit to balance their body. This technique gives them the chance to have both hands free to get the fisher net back in while they are rowing along the net in the water. To me is was absolutely fascinating to see such elegance, strength and body control amongst all men on the lake. It was as if they were doing very difficult Yoga classes on their boats day in and day out.

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