Hamburg: Summer in my city

By August 11, 2013Germany

Although every season has it’s own beauty, summer feels most comforting to me. Everybody is enjoying things he or she has been waiting for throughout the cold days of the year. The ladies are finally wearing skirts and sandals, people are jogging in shorts and T-Shirt and the city is full of bikes and smiling people. Cafes, Beach Clubs, parks or  any kind of waterfront are full of smiling people bathing in the warmth of the sun like reptiles rebooting their energy.

To me summer, in Hamburg starts when I see all the charming white sailing boats on the river Alster in the middle of the city.  With the wind in their sail they gently cross the river and draw a beautiful picture on the city. Sitting at the water’s edge with a drink watching the sun set seemed to be one of the most relaxing things to do.

I am sure everyone has several summer spots in his or her city which feel like the perfect spot to reboot energy. To me these locations are vacation spots in my beloved home town.

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