Taunggyi Festival: The craziest fireworks I have ever seen

By December 30, 2012Myanmar

Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival is indeed the craziest festivals I have ever been to. It is one of the biggest national festivals which people travel to from all over Myanmar or even other countries. I got a ride on a motorbike in the dark accompanied by hundreds of cars and motorbikes honking their horns.

Different teams build their special hot air balloon during the year. Every team brings their balloon into the middle of the starting field with a dancing ceremony. The balloons start one after another for an entire week. The people of the festival bet on every balloon whether it is going to win or fail. A “winning” balloon rises into the air with a beautiful firework hanging below the balloon. A “failing” balloon does not rise into the air but stays on the ground and the fireworks explode on the ground, scaring all the people standing nearby.

If the balloon does not start it, is really dangerous, since there are thousands of people watching the spectacle. Everybody has to be careful to not be harmed by the explosion and would run for live in this case…


With this last SUNDAY BLOG in 2012 I wish all of you an amazing and safe New Years Eve and an inspiring and gentle start into 2013.

Stay health and happy,


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