Thanaka: Burmese make-up

By December 16, 2012Myanmar

Thanka seems to be the secret to the beautifully soft faces of Myanmar’s women and kids. Every woman uses Thanaka in Myanmar, a paste made of the bark of a tree. They rub the bark on a special stone and mix it with a bit of water. The yellowish-white paste is meant to protect the face from sun and aging. I tried the Thanaka paste during my trip and not only would it work as sun protection, it would also cure my allergic reaction to sun one day.

The women and kids apply the Thanaka paste to their skin and draw beautiful paintings on their face with it.

Thanka is not only sold as a piece of wood, but also as a ready to use paste in a box. Let’s see if this magic burmese make-up becomes popular in the western countries or if it remains a burmese secret.

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