Thank God we celebrate Christmas

By December 23, 2012Germany


Ever since I saw the sun rise at Ayers Rock on the 24th of december many years ago, I became aware of how much I loved and missed all the funny Christmas traditions back home. The brass brands playing Christmas songs on the Christmas markets, the advent candles, advent calendars… The cold and sometimes even the snow. The above picture shows the most beautiful Christmas market I have ever been to, the market at the Cathedral in Cologne.

None of the years I really managed to have a calm pre Christmas time. Yet, whenever I come back home, the beautiful atmosphere is there; the christmas cookies which my mum baked, the Christmas tree in the living room, the decoration in the house.

Although it has become such a materialistic event, it is still the time in the year, when I really relax.When we say nice words to friends, colleagues and even relatives ;-). It seems as if everyone opens up his heart a little bit, giving everything a bit more love… a bit extra romance.

Even if we never go to church throughout the year.. on Christmas most people would.

Thank God we have these days. If we believe in God or something else, it does not matter. These days bring all of us closer together and unfortunately they also make us aware of the people we are missing in our lives. Those, we broke up with or those who left us forever.

I which all of you a wonderful Christmas, precious days with your friends and relatives and a bit of extra romance.

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