The joy of this very moment

By September 1, 2013Mexico

A lot of times when I am back home working, I realize how hard it is, to enjoy the very moment. To stop thinking about future challenges,  endless “To-Do” lists or to re-think the past.

Traveling different countries, I often see (mostly) men sitting in the streets and fields doing nothing, but sitting somewhere enjoying the very moment. Like this Mexican man, reading the newspaper in the morning sun of Tuxtla.

It reminds me, that at times we have to stop the wheel and get back to doing just one thing at a time.  Just be with friends, just talk over the phone, simply get from A to B, etc. , but not to do it all at once.  It is a challenge to stop the pace and it is a gift to get back the inner peace. It is really an achievement to get rid of external distractions and temptations, in order to simply do and enjoy what we are doing right now.

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