The more of our world we see, the richer we become

I love this phrase from the current Emirate’s TV spot .

Whenever I look at these photographs I took from different airplanes, I feel reminded of how fascinating this world is. How precious.

I do not really enjoy flying, but when I get the chance to see some of these beautiful landscapes and views from above my heart opens up endlessly, my lungs take a deep breath and my body calms down in thankfulness and respect.

Returning from a trip – no matter whether it is private or business – I always bring back more than just the dirty clothes inside my suitcase. There is always something special to the people I met or the places I saw. Someone saying something, which I will never forget. Different cultures make me aware of my own culture or teach me something new.

Being on the road is about curiosity, open hearts and eyes and the ability to let loose what I thought was correct and normal until then.

The photographs show the Alps on my way to Greece, the desert and the coast of South Africa, as well as the river Nile in Egypt.

Have a look at the new Emirates TV spot …… and fly away

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