Trekking northern Argentina – free your mind

By November 3, 2013Argentina

As much as I hated going for a walk or trekking when I was young, I am loving it today. Maybe I did not have to trick my body with a challenging workout and a breathtaking nature, to stop thinking things over and over. Kids still hold the precious gift to live here and now – neither wasting their thoughts with the past nor the future.

If you wish to stop thinking for a couple of days and happen to travel northern Argentina, I can really recommend a unique 2 day trek crossing the picturesque mountains of the Salta area. Iruya is the village you want to start from. Situated at the end of a two hours dirt road ride in the mountains, you will feel as if you were at the very end of the world. From here you can find a local guide, who will help you trek the tiny paths over the mountains to San Juan (a village with no electricity and 50 people) to San Isidiro (electricity since 2010 and 250 people).

The paths are steep and tiny, so you will mostly have to really watch every step – and at times might need your guide’s hand to help you cross more difficult paths. As it is between 2700 and 3500 m hight, everything is “muy despacio”. People walk and act very slowly. There is no hurry, no schedule but endless time and views. You will feel the energy of the earth which once created the mountains and craters and inhale the unbelievable colors of the mountains which seem to be painted red, yellow, green, pink and blue.

If you look for a perfect place to spoil yourself before and after the trek, you might want to check out Hotel Iruya overlooking the entire village.

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