Ubud – Bali: My favorite places to spoil yourself

By March 27, 2016Indonesia



I found Lady Bamboo Villa through my Stefan Loose Guide book and can highly recommend it. Although it is in the center of Ubud, you will not feel the rush of the city as the villa has a beautiful and quiet garden with a pool. The rooms are very nice, comfortable and individually designed, the food is great and the staff is really sweet. The German owner, Lambert, has been living in Ubud for over 20 years, so he knows many places and can give great recommendations on what to do. I booked various tours at the place, which I felt was very handy.

There are incredible resorts and yoga retreat centers around Ubud. They offer a very different experience and if you have a limitless budget you will have an incredible stay for sure. The downside of these places is, that they are usually a bit remote. So it really depends on what you are looking for.


There are uncountable lovely places to eat in Ubud, many of them focussing on organic food. However, there was one place I ended up eating every night as it was so delicious – no matter which dish I picked from the menu. It is called Spice and is run by an award winning chef, who combines Indonesian dishes with Western food styling and cooking techniques. Make sure, you try their nutmeg sorbet – the ice cream of my life!

For lunch or late afternoon time there is a beautiful outdoor place just a little walk out of town called Sari Organic Farm. The meals are cooked from the food grown at organic farm. The beauty of the place is it’s tranquility and high quality of food. We were lying on some sofa beds for hours, enjoying amazing food, overlooking the rice fields. The little shop has some great products from jam to soap and tee, which I loved to bring home as souvenirs.


Ubud is all about Yoga and I had probably the best classes ever at Radiantly Alive Yoga. It is a beautiful open place with amazing teachers. From beginners to privat classes and teacher trainings you will find whatever you are looking for.

Also you may not miss the various massage offers! I cannot tell, the best place and it is hard to know, where the girls are payed respectfully. I had a 4 hour treatment, which was amazing at Sang Spa.

Before planning your trip, try to find out, when they have temple ceremonies in Ubud. There are many opportunities as there are celebrations for many many things and people dress up so nicely, it would be a pity to miss it just by a day or two. It is probably the easiest to ask the place you plan to stay.


Apart from shopping, which you can impossibly avoid during the first days, I highly recommend to get out of town. Ubud is very busy and touristic, so very soon, I felt I needed some nature and a good breeze. E-biking was a perfect thing to discover the surrounding in the heat with getting up and down hill. It was my first time on an E-Bike and I was really hesitant as I considered it for people, who are try to avoid the extra sweat. But – I really loved it. As you are able to move fast, you can discover easily how – just a few kilometers away from Ubud center – people live and work in the rice fields and get an idea, what Ubud felt like years ago. The hotel Lady Bamboo offers various different bike tours for different levels – not only to people staying at the place.

Also, as touristic as it is, I highly recommend to climb the Batur Volcano. It is tough for people, who do not like touristic things, but I promise, you will have a true morning workout in the dark as you start hiking at 4am and you will be rewarded with an amazing sunrise at the top. Make sure you do not stop at the first sunrise level, but keep on going. We saw the sunrise at the first  platform and I felt, I had seen it and could probably go down again. But we decided as a group to keep going and as always – that was the true experience. We climbed along the crater on tiny paths and had an outstanding view and hike. It is a tour for experienced hikers! It can be booked through many tourist offices or your hotel.

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