Ultimate extra items for backpacker’s packing list

By February 21, 2016Travel Tips

Packing List Items

Packing is the start of the vacation and I purely enjoy it. When focusing on what needs to get in the backpack or suitcase, it can actually be done within a couple of hours with joy. There are some things, which I figured are very useful during longer backpacking trips and make me feel spoiled when discovering new places on this lovely planet.

Two faced light sleeping bag: I love my Deuter sleeping bag! It is sized 205 x 75 x 48 cm, comes at 850 g weight and can be fully unzipped to be used as a blanket. The beauty of the “two faced” is not, that it is reversible, but that one side is made from a cozy fleece material, which feels lovely. Since it is so small, I always have it in my smaller bag pack when traveling and cover myself with it on busses and flights or even take it in a day pack, when trekking to villages for 2-3 night. When sleeping in lower budget places, I feel so much more comfortable with my own clean “blanket”, than using the ones I was offered at times. It can be washed easily in a washing machine or any laundry along the road.

Light and warm travel blanket: One of my favorite items is my travel blanket, which can be folded very compact in a small bag and helps on multiple purposes: blanket to keep warm on buses or airplanes; beach towel to sit on, sarong when entering holy places or blanket or pillow to feel more comfortable if you end up in a rather dirty place. It can also be washed easily and dries really quickly.

One elegant outfit: If you are an open minded traveler, you never know, what or who you might bump into. Whether you decide to go to the opera or you get invited to a birthday or a wedding it is much more respectful and fun to be dressed appropriate. So I always put a simple, light and beautiful silk dress in my backpack. For men it is a bit more difficult, but there also nice pieces, which come at a low weight.

Multiple country and device adapter: Only recently I found this great universal travel adapter, which reduces the amount of chargers I need significantly. It works for most countries and has next to a normal plug two USB ports. So valuable!!

Hard cases for electric items: For once, you do not want to show your great laptop, smartphone or tablet everywhere you go and secondly it helps a lot to protect it from scratches, heat and sweat. This hardcover I really love for my Mac Air as people usually do not even realize what it is.

Small cotton or plastic bags: The most annoying part to me when traveling for weeks or months, was chaos in my backpack as well as searching for things over and over. Also unpacking and packing frequently can be a hassle. So I figured it was very helpful to put my clothes in separate bags. So one for all tops, one for shorts and trousers, one for dresses, one for underwear, one for shoes etc. This way, I only had to pull out the bags once I arrived at a place and had an artificial drawer instead of a big mess. Also everything else I keep in little extra pouches not only medicine and toiletries, but also adapters, foto equipment and travel documents like passport and all sorts of certificates for vaccination, driving and diving, some portrait photos etc.

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