Verzasca Valley: Most famous bungee jump

By July 12, 2014Switzerland

007 Bungee Jump

We had no idea, what we would run into, when we decided to take a day trip to Versazca Valley in Switzerland. The Valley is a beautiful remote valley along a turquoise river, where people and kids enjoy themselves. Driving towards the top of the valley, we came by an incredible and breathtaking dam. I could not believe my eyes, when I saw a person jumping down the steep dam with a bungee rope.
It’s the most famous bungee spot, since James Bond jumped down the Versazca Dam in the opening scene of Golden Eye. It is said to be the highest bungee jump in the world with 7.5 seconds “free-flight” and 220 meter hight of the dam.

For the crazy ones, contact Trekking Team AG for an unforgettable adrenalin shot (and led me know what it felt like, since I was too afraid I might not get out of it alive!)

007: Bungee Jump Golden Eye Opening Scene

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