Wanna know how to grow a pineapple by yourself?

By May 18, 2014Australia

I can remember as if it was yesterday, the feeling of astonishment and amusement, standing in front of this pineapple field in Australia years ago, realizing … that these pineapples or not growing on a tree. I thought it was the most obvious thing, that pineapples grow on exotic palm trees. Surprise – things are not necessarily the way we think they are.

Pineapples are aggregate fruits, formed by a cluster of 100-200 flowers fusing together as the fruit. The squared eyes you can see when holding a ripe pineapple in your hands, is what is left from the individual flowers. The leaves sprouting out of the top are actually growing out of the top of the stalk, which the pineapple is growing around.

Growing a pineapple at home is not the easiest things – and it takes a lot of patience. But – it is possible. One day, I want to grow one at my house, just for the fun and excitement of it. There are several blogs and videos on the internet on how to grow a pineapple – I especially liked this one:

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