Watery heart or lady in a bath? A matter of perception.

By June 9, 2013Germany

I have always loved this flower, which we call “Tränendes Herz” in German (translated to Engl. watery heart), since it just looks lovely and the name is charming and absolutely perfect.

Only today I learned, that in English it is called “Lady in a bath” since if you turn the flower around after it opened up a bit, it looks exactly as if a graceful lady arose from her foamy bath.

It is hard to say, which name suits this admirable flower best…I guess it is a matter of perception. To me the two names make this flower even more special. I’m lovin it 🙂

… Thanks to Bebs’ comment I learned, that it is commonly called “Bleeding Heart”, … I guess I prefer to just turn all the flowers upside down, to see many many gentle ladies enjoying their playful foamy baths.


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